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Each year, young professionals commit to a shared journey of prayer, study and service designed to equip them to follow Christ in the busyness of daily working life.


Our everyday lives are full of opportunities for personal transformation and encounter with God. Through accompaniment by a spiritual mentor, small ‘sharing’ groups, weekly teaching and week-long retreats, we learn to allow prayer to touch every aspect of our lives. We explore new ways to pray and support one another in the journey.


We train our minds to think theologically about the world in which we live and work. As participants in God’s creation, we learn to use our freedom and power reflectively and with integrity, listening to the voices of others around the world. We use the Bible as the primary witness to the character of God and the call on our lives as human beings.


We encounter Christ in people whose vulnerabilities and difference makes them strangers to us. We make ourselves available to people outside of our comfort zones through regular, face-to-face service. We make ourselves available to others in the daily rhythm of our lives, being open to the unexpected teachers that God will bring across our path.

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"I have seen the glory of God reflected in this community and have been transformed by it. The Lord has deepened my faith, hope and love this year and it has made me a more unified person"
Joanna, Integrated Member


Before applying please read ‘Is it for me?’

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