Each year, young adults from different countries and Christian backgrounds commit to serve, study and pray together for one year in a transformative shared life.


Prayer is to the Church like breathing is to the body. We practise rhythms of corporate and personal prayer that have sustained men and women of God over the centuries. We receive silence as a gift, both on retreat and as a part of our daily lives. As we pray and worship together, we experience the suffering of disunity and the joyful discovery of our common life in Christ.


We listen to the voice of the Spirit over the earth as we reflect on theological issues that arise from the global Church. Through a blend of lectures, reflection and discussion we allow Scripture to shape us as individuals for the benefit of our home communities. We allow our differences to enrich our understanding and commit to a journey of reconciliation.


We recognise our need for Jesus through serving others in need. We allow their presence in our lives – committing two days a week to serving around London – to transform our understanding of both ministry and the common good. We walk with Jesus in increasing humility and surrender, both within and outside of our community life.

"In this year I have experienced more of the myriad ways God speaks to His children. Discovering ways of communicating and relating to God I have never known before."
Shannon, Immersive Member


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